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Hydroxinator® iQ

  • Gentle water for skin and eyes
  • A pure, crystal clear swimming pool
  • Environmentally friendly water treatment
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Gentle water for skin and eyes

MagnaPool® naturally slows the development of chloramines, so you can enjoy gentle water without any unpleasant chlorine smell or any eyes and skin irritation

Water Treatment Hydroxinator® iQ

A pure, crystal clear swimming pool

MagnaPool® provides exceptionally clear water without adding any sanitizing chemicals.

Water Treatment Hydroxinator® iQ

Environmentally friendly water treatment

Crystal Clear filtration media for MagnaPool® swimming pools consists of thousands of pure glass crystals. It is not receptive to bacteria and only requires a short filter backwash.

Water Treatment Hydroxinator® iQ

Built-in Wi-Fi

The iAquaLink® application allows you to have remote and real-time control of your water quality and your pool’s equiment(1) from your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS). (1) Connected to the eXO® solution.

Water Treatment Hydroxinator® iQ
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