Sweepy® range Sweepy® range Sweepy® range

Sweepy® range

The performance made simple

Designed to bring performance and ease of use for small pools, the Sweepy® range can effortlessly launch a cycle through a simple push of a button that starts a preprogrammed optimized cleaning cycle. Its powerful suction power combined with its large suction inlet of 23 cm allows to catch all type of debris present in the pool. Thanks to its tracks it can be used on all type of coatings in flat or slightly inclined pools floor. At the end of the cycle, the 3L filter is accessible from the top of the robot and designed with small handles so that it can be easily emptied and cleaned without touching the debris.

Robots cleaners SWY 3500
Robots cleaners

SWY 3500

Performance made simple

  • Designed for simplicity
  • Cyclonic performance
  • Easy to use
  • Pool size: 8x4m
  • Filter : 3L
  • Cleans floor, walls

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