FloPro™ VS range FloPro™ VS range FloPro™ VS range

FloPro™ VS

Connected, eco-responsible and ultra-silent

Make way for the new generation of variable speed pumps. The inherent advantages of this technology include energy savings, ultra-silent operation and optimised water treatment. Not to mention its connectivity!

Filtration Equipment FloPro™ VS
Filtration Equipment

FloPro™ VS

Connected And Eco-Friendly- The New Generation Of Variable Speed Pumps

  • Energy Savings
  • Ultra-Silent Operation
  • Optimised Water Treatment
  • Up to 100 m3
  • Easy retrofit
  • Energy saving
  • Low noise level
  • iAquaLink®
Filtration Equipment iQ Pump
Filtration Equipment

iQ Pump

Connected pump for intuitive control from your smartphone

  • Remote Control Anywhere, Anytime
  • Easy Configuration
  • Maximized Energy Efficiency
  • iAquaLink®
  • Easy to configure
  • Eco Friendly

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