Hydroxinator IQ Hydroxinator IQ Hydroxinator IQ

Hydroxinator IQ

Incomparably gentle, crystal clear water

When the pool water is treated manually, the chlorine concentration varies between each addition. This generates a “saw-tooth” effect that can adversely affect treatment effectiveness and bathing comfort. With MagnaPool®, the natural purifying properties of the treatment generated by the Hydroxinator® iQ acts gently and constantly, without the “saw-tooth” effect.

Water Treatment Hydroxinator® iQ
Water Treatment

Hydroxinator® iQ

Incomparably Gentle, Crystal Clear Water

  • Gentle water for skin and eyes
  • A pure, crystal clear swimming ...
  • Environmentally friendly water ...
  • All types of swimming pools
  • MagnaPool Ecosystem
  • Upgradable system
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimal maintenance

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