Sustainable solutions for pools

Posted on Wednesday, 26 July 2023

Zodiac's Core3: E30iQ, CS, and eXO iQ - Sustainable Pool Solutions.


In the pursuit of creating environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions, Fluidra's brand Zodiac has introduced a remarkable Core3 lineup.


This article will delve into three exceptional products - E30iQ, CS, and eXO® iQ - that exemplify Zodiac's commitment to offering sustainable pool solutions for a greener future.


E30iQ Pump

The E30iQ Pump is an innovative and efficient solution for swimming pool filtration applications. It combines advanced technology with reliable performance to meet the demanding requirements of water circulation. With its intelligent design and features, the E30iQ Pump offers precise control, enhanced efficiency, and increased productivity.


Its frequency inverter technology together with its hydraulic design optimizes its operation, allowing reducing energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Easy to use with intuitive control and its embedded connectivity to manage it anywhere and anytime through the user´s smartphone.


E30iQ robust construction and high-quality materials make it suitable for handling a wide range of water circulation operations. Furthermore, the pump's low maintenance requirements and extended service life contribute to its overall reliability and cost-effectiveness.


CS Filter

CS Filter is an innovative technology that revolutionizes water treatment systems. With its advanced cartridge filtering technology, it effectively removes all impurities, ensuring clean water for everyone. 


Its compact design and easy installation make it suitable for all residential applications, even in the smallest pool pads.


CS Filter not only improves water quality but also enhances overall well-being. 


Embrace the reliability and efficiency of CS Filter for your water!

eXO® iQ Salt Water Chlorinator

The  eXO® iQ Salt Water Chlorinator is a revolutionary device that brings convenience and efficiency to pool maintenance. Designed to simplify the process of sanitizing your pool, this cutting-edge chlorinator utilizes advanced technology to convert salt into chlorine, eliminating the need for traditional manual disinfection chemicals.


With its intelligent and user-friendly interface, the  eXO® iQ Salt Water Chlorinator allows you to easily monitor and control chlorine levels, ensuring a clean and healthy swimming environment. The system also features smart automation, allowing you to schedule chlorination, pool equipment and adjust settings remotely through a mobile app.


Not only does the  eXO® iQ Salt Water Chlorinator provide hassle-free pool maintenance, but it also offers benefits such as reduced chemical handling and a more comfortable swimming experience. The disinfection generated by the system is gentle on the skin and eyes, making it perfect for those with sensitivities.

This device is evolutive and can include automatic pH & chlorine regulation - with pH Link  or Dual Link modules - for complete water balance management.


Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional pool chlorination and embrace the convenience and efficiency of the  eXO® iQ Salt Water Chlorinator. Experience the joy of crystal-clear water and effortless pool maintenance with this innovative device.

Fluidra's brand Zodiac

Fluidra's brand Zodiac takes great pride in offering sustainable solutions for pool owners, and their Core3 products - E30iQ, CS, and eXO iQ - exemplify this commitment.


With the E30iQ's efficient pumping, CS’ advanced filtration, and eXO iQ's smart control system, pool owners can enjoy pristine swimming experiences while minimizing energy consumption and reducing chemical usage. By choosing Zodiac's Core3, pool owners contribute to a greener future, where sustainability and ecological responsibility are at the forefront.