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Zodiac Pool Care product guarantees: 

We contractually guarantee that our products will function correctly when purchased new and installed and activated by a professional installer. This guarantee is valid for two or three years, depending on the product, from the date you take delivery.


Heat pumps and dehumidifiers
Our guarantee is not valid if installation has been performed by a non-professional.
This guarantee is valid:

for two years for all new products activated by an authorised service centre and for which the user and authorised centre have entered into a lifetime service contract;
for the lifetime of the product, against any corrosion of titanium components.

Salt chlorinators
All Zodiac salt chlorinators carry a total and unconditional guarantee valid for two or three years, depending on the model. No matter the cause of their deterioration, the control box and the cell will be repaired or replaced for the duration of the guarantee.

To invoke the guarantee, it is necessary to furnish proof of purchase to an authorised retailer or service centre.