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Salt chlorination

Salt chlorinators: automatic, easy and efficient disinfection

Easy to install and use, salt chlorinators provide complete treatment with reduced maintenance. The slightly salted pool water flows through the chlorinator electrodes, which turn the salt into natural chlorine. The inconveniences of chemical chlorine are no longer an issue and water treatment is considerably simplified. By an electrolysis reaction through the cell of the system, slightly salted water generates chlorine gas, a powerful disinfectant that dissolves in the water instantaneously. The result is purified water that is gentle on the skin and eyes.


Simple and long-lasting
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Ei² Expert

Programmable and long-lasting
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TRi Expert

Expandable, durable salt chlorinator
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pH regulation

PH regulation: the first step to balanced water

Avoiding a tedious manual task, pH regulation automatically maintains optimal pH, whatever the type of disinfection used. Zodiac® regulations guarantee absolute efficiency and peace of mind. State-of-the-art technology ensures proportional dosing, automatic adjustment of injection cycles and an exclusive anti-overdosing safety system.

pH Expert

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Redox Regulation

Redox regulations: precise chlorine dosing, without any manual action

Zodiac® Redox regulations incorporate proportional dosing technology to automatically maintain an ideal chlorine level for the comfort of bathers. It uses the 'Redox' method, otherwise known as measuring the 'disinfectant capacity of the water'.

Chlor Expert

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Mineral Purification

Nature² mineral purifiers: Stand-alone and environmentally-friendly

Zodiac® mineral purifiers treat and clarify water with fewer chemical products, using minerals (silver and copper) in the form of ceramic beads. Requiring up to 4 times less chlorine, bathing is far more pleasant (less odour, no more feelings of tightness of the skin, etc.).

Nature² Express

The mineral purifier that's easiest for D.I.Y. installation
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Nature² Spa

Mineral purification cartridge for spa
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