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pH regulation pH Expert
Water regulation and balance

In a swimming pool, the right balance lies mainly in the pH of its water. It is essential to have a correct and stable pH for the oxidant (particularly chlorine) used in the swimming pool to be effective. A well-adjusted pH provides oxidant savings and avoids many problems: irritation of the eyes, development of algae, corrosion of coatings, etc. pH Expert continually measures the pH of the water and, if necessary, makes fully automated adjustments in the pH corrector dosage, without any setting required.


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pH regulation pH Expert
precise and self-adjusting dosage

pH Expert injects the precise quantity of pH corrector, thanks to its unique, adaptive dosing technology, ensuring perfect water balance with a minimum amount of product. The dosing time is adjusted depending on the difference between the pH of your swimming pool and the ideal pH.

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pH regulation pH Expert

Thanks to its exclusive safety system, pH Expert protects against any risk of pH corrector overdosing, ensuring optimal water balance. With the unique suction tube, pH corrector dosing is perfectly safe.

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pH regulation pH Expert

Easy to configure on the LCD screen

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pH regulation pH Expert
Water alkalinity (TAC) compensation
automatic adjustment

For optimal use of the pH corrector, pH Expert includes a function that can adjust treatment cycles depending on the water's alkalinity (TAC) level. 

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Data sheet

For which pools ? 

  • Maximum volume of treated water: 150 m3
  • Dosage : Acid or basic

User Interface  : 1-line, backlit LCD screen

Languages :  6 (FR-EN-ES-DE-IT-NL)

Calibration : Semi-automatic, one-step (buffer solution included)

Setpoints : Factory settings: pH = 7,4

Safety : Configurable ‘OFA’ three-level over-dosage safety mechanism (settings from 0 to 6 hours, default 4 hours) Level sensor on correction product tank (on the fume-resistant intake tube)

Sensor position : Vertical

Technical specifications

Sensor type (pH) Combination sensor, double-junction and double-porous, Ø12 mm epoxy body
Reading scale 0,0 - 14,0 pH
Reading occurency 0,1 pH
Sensor Tolerances 0-60 °C, water speed ≤ 2 m/s
Maximum counter pressure (injection point) 1,5 bar
Peristaltic pH pump flow 1,5 L/h
Fixing collar For DN 50 pipes (factory) or DN 63 (accessory) - Not needed if the “POD Kit” option is used.
Protection index IP65
Size (l x h x p) 19,5 x 23,6 x 8,5 cm
Power supply 220-240 VAC


2 years Warranty

Accessories included in the pack: 

-pH Sensor

- Buffer solution

- Plumbing kit

- Wall mounting kit


 Optional accessories: 

- POD Kit

- DN63 mm Collar

- Buffer solution

- Anode earth kit

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pH Expert
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