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Mineral Purification Nature² Fusion
purification and sanitation

Nature² Fusion combines mineral purification and disinfection in a single system. Nature² purification features a special cartridge containing ceramic beads, thus eliminating bacteria and viruses, whilst at the same time fighting algae. They are porous, so they also retain microparticles that have got through the pool filter, clarifying the water. To complete the system, there is a second compartment containing a low-speed chlorine diffuser to finish off the disinfection process.
The system enables you to enjoy eco-responsible bathing, as it requires up to 4 times less chlorine than traditional manual treatments.

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Mineral Purification Nature² Fusion
Mineral purification
the most natural solution

The mineral properties of Nature 2 Fusion give you water that is soft and always naturally clear. By limiting chlorine production, this solution is more respectful of health and the environment.

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Mineral Purification Nature² Fusion
Ease of installation,
simple use

 Without electric power or programming, installation is simple and easy. This solution is convenient to use: mineral agents are diffused automatically, the Nature² cartridge is useful for a season (six months) and the chlorine diffuser has a large capacity (2.5 kg). 

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Data sheet

  • Self regulated mineral diffusion ensured by ceramic beads in order to "naturally" eliminate bacteria and viruses
  • Respects the environment and health
  • Simple and easy installation: no electric power supply or programming
  • Easy to use: with autonomous distribution of the mineral agents
  • Mineral purifying action + disinfectant action
  • Complete treatment in two compartments: the first clarifies the water, fights against algae and bacteria. The second contains a slow chlorine distributor which completes the disinfectant action.

Technical specifications

Treatment from 20 to 170 m3 of water (4 models of Nature 2 Fusion cartridges)
Maximum flow: 25 m3/hr
Only operates using stabilised slow chlorine tablets of the "TRI-CHLORO" type
Installation on rigid DN50 mm or DN 63 mm piping
Kit for above-ground pools (adapter kit for flexible Ø 38 pipe supplied)
Installation during building or on an existing pool


3 year guarantee

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Nature² Fusion
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