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Mineral Purification Nature² Express
Mineral purification

This water treatment fights bacteria, eliminates algae and captures micro-particles for continuous natural purification. Enjoy soft water all year round.

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Mineral Purification Nature² Express
'No-plumbing' installation

Nature² Express is the ideal solution to optimise treatment and swimming comfort in an existing pool. It may be installed by the user, with no plumbing, electricity or adjustments needed. 

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Mineral Purification Nature² Express
Easy to use

Compatible with most treatments, including chlorine, salt chlorination, UV, active oxygen and ozone, it works autonomously to diffuse its mineral agents. A cartridge lasts for one season (up to six months, depending on use), with a monthly check to determine when the mineral cartridge needs replacing. 

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Data sheet

Natural, mineral based treatment

  • Function: Mineral purification
  • Compatible with most treatments: ozone, chlorine, salt water chlorination, UV, active oxygen, ...
  • Cartridge autonomy: 1 season up to 6 months (depending on use)
  • Installation : user installed "no plumbing" system
  • Easy to use with autonomous distribution of the mineral agents
  • Cartridge replacement: monthly mark on the mineral cartridge

Nature² is not compatible with:

  • Bromide and its derivatives
  • Chlorine-free disinfectants of the PHMB type (or "biguanides")
    • Baquacil®
    • Revacil®
    • Oxyline®
  • Copper based products
  • Metal sequestrants and anti-staining products

Technical specifications

Wich pool New or existing pools
Type of pool All types of pool with rigid DN50 mm piping
Volume of treated water: Water volume from 20 to 75 m3
Maximum operating pressure: 3.6 bars (Kg/cm²)
Flow rate authorised in the filtering circuit: 5 to 27m3/hr depending on the piping


2 year guarantee.

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Nature² Express
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