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Salt chlorination Ei² Expert

One of the longest-lasting chlorinators in its category, thanks to its high-quality titanium electrode (operates for up to 7,500 hours).

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Salt chlorination Ei² Expert

The compact cell and watertight IPX5 casing allow the Ei2 Expert to be installed anywhere, in confined spaces and even in humid environments.

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Salt chlorination Ei² Expert
4 modes to better adapt to your needs

Ei² Expert offers 4 operating modes and a programming clock enabling you to perfectly control the production of chloride according to the season or pool use. The Boost mode rapidly increases chlorine production when needed. Low mode reduces output to 10% when the pool is covered (cover mode) or during active winterizing. The “summer” and “winter” modes complement the two preceding modes for normal use during these seasons with dedicated timers.

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Salt chlorination Ei² Expert
Quick and easy to install

With its patented "Quick Fix" cell system, the Ei² Expert chlorinator can be quickly and easily installed anywhere.

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Salt chlorination Ei² Expert
No maintenance

Self-cleaning electrodes using reverse polarity.

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Data sheet

For which swimming pools ? 

  Ei² Expert 10 Ei² Expert 18 Ei² Expert 25

Volume of water treated
(temperate climate, filtration 8 hours/day)

40 m3 70 m3 110 m3

Nominal chlorine production

10 g/h 18 g/h  25 g/h

Nominal output amperage

2,0 A 3,6 A 5,0 A


Description : 

User interface :  2-line, backlit LCD screen

Languages : 13 (FR-EN-DE-ES-IT-NL-PT-AF-CZ-SL-HU-SV-TR)

Operating mode(s) : Summer, Winter, Boost (100%), Low (shutter mode 10%)

Clock / Timer : 24 hr clock / 2 timers

Polarity inversion :  Yes: 3, 5 or 7 hour (factory setting: 5 hour)

Recommended mineral level : 4 g/L

Minimum mineral level : 3 g/L

Technical specifications

Working life of the cell* 10,000 hours (titanium plates, SC6 ruthenium treatment)
Power 60 - 100 - 140 W (models 10 - 18 - 25)
Minimum flow rate (needed to purge air from the cell) 5 m³/ hr
Maximum flow rate (limited by pressure drops in the pipe) 18 m³/hr (above this, by-pass required)
Maximum pressure permitted in the cell: 2.75 bar (KPa)
Maximum water temperature 40°C
Minimum water temperature 5°C
Length of cable from control unit to cell 1.8 m
Protection index IPX5
Cell dimensions (W x H x D) 16.5 x 22.5 x 12.5 cm
Control unit dimensions (W x H x D) 28.5 x 40.5 x 12.5 cm
Power supply 50 Hz 220-240 V AC (mains power cable with moulded plug)
*Under good operating conditions.


Unconditional guarantee: 2 years

Accessories included in the pack:

- installation kit
- Collar kit for flow detector

Optional accessories:

- cell removal spanner
- winter cover

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Ei² Expert
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