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Salt chlorination Dual Link
Plug & Play

Easy and quick to connect the Dual Link module to the unit.

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Salt chlorination Dual Link
Automatic pH and chlorine

The Dual Link module provides automatic pH (acidic dose) regulation and regulation of chlorine production by the TRi Expert chlorinator.   For balanced water and optimal disinfection. 

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Salt chlorination Dual Link
Easy to install

The sensor is easy to install using the POD Kit supplied and measurements are more accurate.

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Salt chlorination Dual Link

Reliable measurement using the POD's built-in measuring chamber. 

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Data sheet

For which swimming pool ?

Max volume of water treated: depends on model of chlorinator

pH dosage:


Description : 

User interface: Interface of the unit (backlit LCD screen with 4 lines)

Calibration: Semi-automatic at 1 point pH 7.5 & ACL 700 mV (buffer solutions supplied)

Setpoints: Factory settings: pH = 7.2 ACL = 4

Safety features: Choice of pool volume, overdosing safety device, choice of chlorination type

Position of sensor(s): Vertical, on the POD (included)

Technical specifications

Sensor type (pH & ACL) Combined process sensor, double junction and double porous, ABS body with ½" thread
Scale range 100 - 1000 mV
Measurement accuracy 10 mV
Sensor tolerance 0-60°C, water speed ≤ 2 m/s
Against maximum pressure (injection point) 1.5 bar
Peristaltic pump flow rate (pH) 1.8 L/hr
Module dimensions (W x H x D 28.5 x 15.5 x 7.5 cm
Power supply 50 Hz TBT (connected to the chlorinator)


Guarantee: 2 years

Accessories included in the pack:

- pH sensor
- ACL sensor
- buffer solution pH 7.5
- Redox buffer solution700 mV
- hole saw
- pipe kit

Optional accessories:

- Buffer solution pH 7.5
- ACL buffer solution 700 mV
- Winter cover
- Winter cap
- BNC 3 m extension cord
- Anode earth kit

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Dual Link
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